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Latest in Books

Gut Check
Eric Kester, Writing For,

Eric Kester, author of "Gut Check," talks about teenage slang, "further" versus "farther," and how he uses grammar to shape his characters' voices. 

gods with a little g
Tupelo Hassman, Writing For,

Tupelo Hassman, author of "gods with a little g," discusses her dislike of the words "villain" and "amazing," how thinking about sound shapes her characters, and what a "chingy" is.

The Bells of Old Tokyo
Anna Sherman

When Anna Sherman, author of The Bells of Old Tokyo, walked into a curio shop below her apartment, she had no idea the course of her life would be changed by the woman inside.

Archaeology From Space
Sarah Parcak

National Geographic Explorer and TED Prize-winner Dr. Sarah Parcak discusses the complex study of space archaeology, exploring how the field helps shape the past and future.

great economists
Linda Yueh

In What Would the Great Economists Do?, author Linda Yueh examines some of the great economic thinkers whose ideas have changed the world. How can those ideas help our economy work better today?

Nicholas Pearce

Are you deeply connected to your work or just going through the motions? Nicholas Pearce, author of The Purpose Path, explains why clarity of purpose is the first step toward authentic success.

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